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Each year, millions of people purchase flea and tick protection products believing that these products have been thoroughly tested and are safe for both pets and their owners.

There are numerous products and medications available to keep ticks off your dog. Some veterinarians suggest applying topical medication on a small area on the back of the pet; some will also vaccinate to prevent Lyme disease in dogs. In any case, chemical medications include ingredients such as permethrin, pyrethrin or fipronil. They are all pesticides that kill insects by paralyzing their nervous system which is also how nerve gas works. But the problem is that these chemicals have the same effect on insect’s nervous system, animal’s nervous system or a human’s nervous system. So by using such medications humans can be poisoning not only their pet, but themselves as well. Children are especially at risk of acute poisoning and long-term health effects.

Our experience shows that chemical medications do work, but they have to be applied on a regular basis and the pet has to be kept isolated for at least 3-4 days after the topical medication, sprays or powders had been applied. We consider such methods as antibiotics for humans – use them only and only when there’s no other way.

Amber Collars International use 100% natural components so our collars are 100% safe for your pet and yourself.

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Amber Collars International

Raw Baltic Amber collars, natural protection against ticks and flea for your dog or cat.

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