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Natural Healing For Pets All Year Round – Our Amber collars can be used all year round for the same reason humans use amber, to ease pain or inflammation in your pet, to aid restful sleep and to boost general well-being. They can be especially helpful for a pet recovering from surgery or for an animal suffering arthritis and age related conditions.

Most of our Amber pet collars are combined with various healing crystals. Below is a list of their healing benefits:

Agate can open the channels of communication between you and your pet, will balance your pet’s energy, assist with sleep, calm anxiety, strengthen self-confidence and help your pet focus during training.

Amazonite is used to calm the nervous system and provide relief from turbulent emotions. It is said to dispel sadness and enhance self determinism. Amazonite is a stone of expression if you feel your pet has locked up parts of their personality.

Amber absorbs and dispels negative energy, aids the healing process on many levels, boosts immunity to illness, it is calming and soothing, it detoxifies and revitalizes the body.

Aventurine boosts resistance to stressful situations, heals emotional scars, lends confidence, soothes fear, brings joy and enthusiasm. It can be useful for calming stressed or hyper-reactive animals. Prevents cardiovascular disorders and protects against electromagnetic pollution.

Citrine Quartz aids concentration, strengthens the immune system, lessens overwhelming impressions of environment on young animals, protects against radiation, stress and shock, supports newborns and makes a useful aid to early training with young animals. Helps the liver, kidneys and gallbladder, balances production of insulin and supports the stomach, spleen and intestine, relieves bladder inflammation, betters the assimilation of A-C-E vitamins.

Clear Quartz alleviates emotional extremes, amplifies and directs energy for improved healing and immunity, cleanses and purifies the blood enhancing bioenergy of the whole system. It also neutralises negativity and emotional resistance to healing. Protects against background radiation, reduces pain, inflammation, damaged nerves and scar tissue.

Fluorite boosts convalescing animals back to strength, facilitates precision training, improves assimilation of dietary nutrients, mental focus, co-ordination and learning, strengthens the bones and teeth. Helpful in case of anorexia, arthritis, rheumatism, clumsiness, low vitality, poor bone and tooth condition, poor diet assimilation, training problems.

Lapis lazuli enhances the flow of energy through the body and aids in the treatment of a wide variety of problems simply by amplifying the benefits of any other treatment used. It helps particularly the respiratory system, the thyroid gland, bone marrow, the immune and nervous system.

Peridot is a powerful cleanser of toxins, it is an excellent tonic enhancing energy and vitality, it helps with diseases of the adrenal glands and provides support through pregnancy and for the newborn. It promotes group harmony and can help in cases of jealousy or aggressiveness, useful for animals living in unnatural conditions, spending long periods indoors.

Red Jasper has many therapeutic properties, it improves circulation and functionality of the digestive system, promotes the health of the liver and kidneys, it increases the energy level, soothes pain, it is calming and gives inner strength in stressful times and emergency situations. Red Jasper stimulates timid animals to defend their territory and helps mothers to take proper care of their newborn.

Rose Quartz is the stone to use if your dog or cat is aloof and standoffish. Rose Quartz energy will help your pet learn to accept love and companionship without fear. It is ideal to use with rescued animals, injured or sick animals, or when introducing a new pet into your household. Acceptance of the new member of the family (be it another dog or a new baby) will run a smoother course. Helps to heal injuries and wounds, reduces stress.

Rudraksha beads have been traditionally worn by Asian Yogis and Monks because they interact with the body and mind to foster the tranquility and concentration necessary for control over mind during extended periods of meditation. Modern medical research has proven that Rudraksha beads have electromagnetic properties that have a beneficial influence on the Cardiovascular and Central Nervous Systems, as well as organ functions. They are also known for alleviation of various health problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, palpitation, nerve pain, epilepsy, lack of concentration, asthma, hypertension, arthritis and liver diseases.

Rutilated Quartz is a stone of hope and happiness. It has many healing powers, such as relieving depression within your pet, as well as healing difficulties in breathing and cell regeneration.

Sodalite assists in calming nervous or stressed animals and keeping them quiet during travel. It supports the lymphatic system, the larynx and the respiratory system. Helpful for endurance, agility and training issues.

Turquoise helps with stress, anxiety and depression, bringing, optimism, serenity and peace of mind, it helps healing processes of any kind, bringing new energy and speeding up the detoxification and purification processes. It’s particularly helpful in case of arthritis.

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